New batch on the way

Here are some pics of the new batch. Has been a challenge to work as I have the kids at home and am splitting work time with my wife but I’m getting there with these… A cedar and Indian rosewood Damselfly, a cedar and Claro walnut Dragonfly, an all Maple and Sitka Dragonfly and a cocobolo and Alpine Lacewing.


New guitar

A Brazilian Rosewood and Bearclaw Alpine Spruce Damselfly model just left the workshop. The Brazilian was supplied by the customer and fully certified. I have only made one other Brazilian guitar due to the wood’s CITES status so it was lovely to work again with such a precious timber. I think I did it justice as it sounded great; clear, bright and penetrating and yet deep and sustaining with a beautiful harmonic decay. I have used a waterbased lacquer also here which I have been working with over the last year or so.


2020 and beyond!

It has been a long while since I have posted, in the first instance because I was busy but as Lockdown took a hold and courses were cancelled and re arrangements discussed, I started to have issues with my back which alas kept me from the workshop for five months. I am now back in the workshop which is a great feeling and looking forward to completing orders over the winter and running courses again in 2021 in the hope that the circumstances then allow me to do so.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all my clients that have stuck with me over this period and as I have said,  looking forward to seeing you in the not too distant future with finished orders or for courses next year.


Guitar making course 2019


It was a pleasure to host these three chaps for my autumn one month guitar making course and what a set of guitars they were. The quality across the board was exremely high. Andrew returned for a second build and produced an exquisite Lacewing model in cedar and Indian rosewood inspired by the visual work of Michi Matsuda. The other two were both walnuts with cedar and sitka spruce.  The cutaway was made by a Jazz player who teaches music at degree level. We built something to contrast nicely with his two old Martin D’s but to give him warmth and interest for his Jazz playing which is predominantly with a pick. The third guitar was a beautiful Celtic fingerpicker in U.K. Walnut and cedar. Well done everyone, was a great group and really enjoyable month.

Sam’s new guitar

Firstly huge apologies for not posting for a very long time! This will now I hope be a place of regular updates.

It’s been a very busy month here in Mid Wales as i’ve been teaching a guitar making course of which I’ll post more about. However, during the first week, Sam Carter paid a visit to pick up the new Damselfly I made him. We went for the same woods as on his Dragonfly J but smaller guitar this time and no cutaway. Slightly different tonal emphasis – bit more treble cut but still with those lovely harmonics ringing through. Here’s a clip of him in the workshop :


BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

Just caught the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards on iplayer and saw one of my guitars (Cedar and Koa Damselfly) being played by Calum McColl with Guy Garvey from Elbow on a Tribute to Calum’s Dad, Ewan McColl. They did a version of Ewan’s classic, “The first time ever I saw your face”.